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Welcome! If you’re looking for your passport to unlimited savings, special offers, and exclusive deals you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re traveling across country or running errands in town, once you’ve downloaded the Nexit Navigational Platform you can take advantage of the multitude of benefits thanks to our partnership perks programs. START SAVING TODAY!


First Things First: Download the Nexit Navigational Platform NOW

The first step to accessing the multitude of partner benefits? DOWNLOAD THE NEXIT PLATFORM! Nexit is so much more than a simple navigational app! It’s an intuitive navigation platform that allows drivers to plan stops based upon the route ahead rather than proximity. Find the brands, amenities, and search criteria you need on the exit they need it, whether you’re looking for two or twenty specific criteria choices. Nexit has offers from today’s top membership and loyalty programs with exclusive pop-up offers and discounts in real time, where and when you’re most likely to use it, so you can maximize your stop and keep on budget


Exclusive Partnership Offers Are Just a Click Away

Nexit’s exclusive partnership with Gallagher Insurance means that Nexit Platform users have access to some of the best offers on gas, restaurants, hotels, car rentals, and much, much more! Check out the list of current partner benefits here!